Privacy Policy

For Enigma-HSM

Enigma-HSM takes the privacy of all its clients and potential clients seriously. The following policy details what we will and will not do with information connected to you.

We will

  • Store all client details in a safe and secure manner
  • Only contact a potential client if they have previously enquired about our services or attended an event where details were registered
  • Provide an opt-out option from our marketing promotions

We may

  • Contact all persons placing an enquiry about Enigma-HSM services Contact all clients after an event
  • Use the details of any client that has made an enquiry with Enigma-HSM in our promotional material both internet and traditional marketing formats, unless you, the client specifically request otherwise

We will not

  • Distribute any information about our clients to third parties without your express permission
  • Sell any client information to any third party

For further information

Contact Enigma-HSM