Is it time to review your health and safety?

Enigma Health and Safety Compliance

Tougher penalties for non-compliance. Is it time to review your Health and Safety?

Health and Safety is about people and problem solving. It is not about generating huge quantities of generic paperwork or trying to create a zero risk environment.

Most employers agree that Health and Safety is important and understand the pitfalls if they get it wrong. But how many are confident that their system to manage health and safety is really adequate.

Health and safety in the workplace effects just about everyone and with the changes in construction regulations last year, now including work in domestic premises, there are now very few businesses who are not required to have some form of risk management in place.

What would happen if there was an accident today? Would you be able to demonstrate that you had done everything reasonable to prevent such an occurrence? Policies, procedures, risk assessments, training, supervision, communication even standards of leadership are likely to be scrutinised.

This issue is further compounded by new sentencing guidelines that came info effect in February 2016. The courts can now take into account the “risk of serious harm” that a business presents when arriving at a sentence. This is irrespective of whether any harm has actually been caused. This is resulting in increased conviction rates and much higher fines.

Although this may sound daunting businesses, from sole traders up to multi-nationals, can protect themselves by taking a few simple steps to ensure that they have adequate safety management arrangements in place.

There are 4 key stages:

  • Understand your responsibilities
  • Identify required standards of compliance (gap analysis)
  • Create and implement a prioritised plan of action
  • Monitor, review and improve

This process does not need to be complicated it just needs to be done properly and a good understanding of the regulations is key.

And that’s where we come in. With 15 years experience providing competent advice to a broad range of clients Enigma Health and Safety Management are well positioned to guide businesses through the apparent minefield that is health and safety. Providing clients with pragmatic advice, access to compliant, time saving software and the support of additional services, as and when required. Enigma clients have peace of mind that they are taking a proportionate approach to risk management that is also good for business.

We believe that the key to successful health and safety is about giving our clients control over their own safety management not burying them in paperwork. So how do we do this?

We have a range of solutions and ultimately it depends on each clients specific needs. Some just require a bit of advice and guidance to refine their existing systems, others need a more hands on approach. Using our market leading risk management software we can  help our clients setup and run a compliant, cost effective, easy to use system to manage safety proportionate to their scale and activity. This is supported by a broad range of ROSPA approved, online safety training courses including asbestos awareness, work at height, manual handling and working safely.

The result is improved levels of compliance, reduced risk of accident and incident, improved levels of productivity and more importantly peace of mind that health and safety is in order and that qualified, professional, pragmatic advice is only a click away.

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